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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of making purchases in the online store maintained by the Seller at www.RCMPlanet.eu

§1 Definitions

Postal address - name and surname or institution name, location in the locality (in the case of a town divided into streets: street, building number, apartment or apartment number; town.

2. Complaint address:

Gecko 6C / 3
76-024 Swieszyno

3. Shipping Costs:

Courier delivery (carried out by UPS, GLS or DHL) - 15 PLN
Delivery abroad (delivery by courier company) - € 14,95

4. Contact details:

Gecko 6C / 3
76-024 Swieszyno

Tel. +48 668 351 420
E-mail: shop@rcmplanet.eu

5. Delivery - the type of transport service, including carrier and cost.

6. Proof of purchase - a VAT invoice issued in accordance with the Goods and Services Tax Act of 11 March 2004, as amended, and other applicable laws.

7. Product card - A single store page that contains information about a single product.

8. Client - a legal person of legal age, a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality and possessing the legal capacity, who makes a purchase directly related to his or her economic or professional activity.

9. Civil Code - Act of Civil Code of April 23, 1964, as amended.

10. Code of good practice - a set of rules of conduct, and in particular the ethical and professional standards referred to in Article 2 5 of the Act on Counteracting Unfair Market Practices of 23 August 2007, as amended.

11. Consumer - legal entity of full age who has full legal capacity, who makes a purchase from a Seller not related directly to his business or profession.

12. Basket - a list of products made out of products offered in the shop based on the Buyer's choice.

13. Buyers - both Consumer and Customer.

14. Place of an issue - postal address or collection point indicated in the order by the Buyer.

15. Moment of delivery of the item - the moment at which the Buyer or the third party designated by him to take possession of the item.

16. Payment - the method of payment for the subject of the contract and the cost of shipping, if any.

17. Consumer Law - Consumer Rights Act of 30 May 2014.

18. Product - the minimum and indivisible quantity of items that can be ordered, and which is given in the seller's shop as a unit of measurement when determining its price (unit price).

19. A subject of the contract - the products and the deliverables that are the subject of the contract.

20. A subject of the provision - subject of the contract.

21. Point of delivery - a place of issue of the item, not the postal address mentioned in the statement made available by the Seller in the store.

22. A movable item that may or may not be the subject of a contract.

23. Shop - an online service available at www.rcmplanet.eu through which the buyer can place an order.

24. Seller:

Magdalena Konopka
Gecko 6C / 3
76-024 Swieszyno

VAT: PL4990511858

Bank account at ING Bank Śląski: PL 96 1050 1559 1000 0092 4572 3953

25. System - a team of interoperable information and software devices providing processing and storage, as well as sending and receiving data over telecommunication networks using a network-specific type of terminal device, commonly referred to as the Internet.

26. Package - order wrapped in a box

27. Contract - an agreement concluded away from business premises or at a distance within the meaning of the Consumer Rights Act of 30 May 2014 for Consumers and a sale agreement within the meaning of art. 535 Civil Code Act of 23 April 1964 for Buyers.

28. Disadvantage - both a physical defect and a legal defect.

29. Physical defect - incompatibility of the thing sold with the contract, and in particular if the item:

a. it does not have the property which this kind of thing should have because of the purpose of the contract as determined either by circumstance or destination;

b. there is no property that the Seller has provided to the Consumer,

c. is not suitable for the purpose of which the Consumer informed the Seller at the conclusion of the contract and the Seller did not raise any objections to such use;

d. has been issued to a consumer in an incomplete state;

e. in the event of improper installation and commissioning, if these activities have been performed by the Seller or the third party for which the Seller is responsible or by the Consumer who has acted in accordance with instructions received from the Seller;

f. it does not have the property provided by the manufacturer or his representative or the person who places the item on his or her business and the person who, by affixing the name, trademark, or other distinctive sign to the item being sold, unless the Seller did not know or, judging reasonably, he could not know or could not have influenced the consumer's decision to conclude the contractor if their content was corrected prior to the conclusion of the contract.

30. Order - statement of the will of the Buyer made through the shop clearly defining: type and quantity of products; delivery type; payment method; Place of an issue, Buyer's data and aiming directly to enter into an agreement between Buyer and Seller.

31. Order with delivery outside Poland - rcmplanet.eu stores deliver the goods to the whole world.

§2 General conditions

1. The contract is concluded in Polish or English, in accordance with Polish law and this Regulation.

2. The seller is obliged and obliged to provide the service and provide the goods free from defects.

3. All prices quoted by the Seller are expressed in Polish currency and are gross (including VAT). Product prices do not include the cost of delivery, which is specified in the price list.

4. All terms are calculated in accordance with art. Article 111 of the Civil Code, that is, the deadline in days ends with the end of the last day, and if the beginning of the date marked in days is a certain event, is not taken into account when calculating the date of the day in which this event occurred.

5. Confirmation, access, consolidation, securing of all relevant provisions of the agreement in order to gain access to this information in the future takes place in the form of:

a. confirmation of the order by sending to the indicated e-mail address: order, proforma invoice, information on the right to withdraw from the contract, sample withdrawal form, links to self-picking regulations and withdrawal template;

b. attached to the completed order, sent to the indicated place of issue of printed matters: proof of purchase, information on the right of withdrawal;

6. The buyer may use the option to store this data in the store to facilitate the process of submitting another order. To this end, the buyer should provide the login and password required to access his account. Login and password are a string of characters set by the Buyer, which is obliged to keep them secret and protect them from unauthorized access to third parties. You have the ability to view, correct, update and delete your account at any time.

7. Seller shall comply with the code of good practice.

§3 Conclusion and implementation

1. Orders can be made 24 hours a day.

2. Orders can be placed in the store, by phone (+48 668 351 420) or by e-mail (shop@rcmplanet.eu).

3. In order to place an order, the Buyer shall perform at least the following operations, some of which may be repeated:

 a. adding to the product basket;

 b. choice of payment method;

 c. choice of delivery method;

 d. choice of place of delivery - delivery address;

 e. Place the order in the shop by using the "CONFIRM ORDER" button.

4. A conclusion of the contract with the consumer is when the order is confirmed.

5. Realization of the order The consumer paid for the collection takes place after the order has been accepted by the store and the payment order is made by bank transfer or via electronic payment system after the payment of the consumer's payment to the Seller's account, which should take place within 30 days of placing the order, unless the consumer was not it will be able to meet benefits from no fault of his and inform the Seller thereof.

6. The conclusion of the contract with the Customer takes place when the order is accepted by the Seller, as notified by the Customer within 48 hours of placing the order - by confirming the acceptance of the order by e-mail.

7. The subject of the contract is sent within the deadline specified on the product card, and for multi-product orders, the longest deadline specified on the product card. The deadline starts when the order is being processed.

8. Purchased item of the contract is accompanied by the Buyer's document of sale sent by the Buyer selected by the Buyer to the place of delivery specified by the Buyer, enclosed with the enclosures referred to in §2 point 5b.

9. To place an order, the buyer does not have to log in to the store.

§4 Right to withdraw from the contract

1. The consumer is entitled, pursuant to Art. 27 Consumer right to withdraw from a distance contract without giving a reason and without incurring costs, except for the costs specified in Art. 33, art. 34 Consumer Law.

2. The term of withdrawal shall be 14 days from the date of issue of the item, and it shall be sufficient to send the statement before the expiry of the term.

3. Declaration of withdrawal The consumer may submit by e-mail or by telephone.

4. The Seller will promptly confirm to the Consumer on the e-mail (given at the conclusion of the contract and other if stated in the submitted statement) to receive a declaration of withdrawal.

5. In the event of withdrawal, the contract is considered not to be.

6. The consumer is obliged to return the item to the Seller promptly, however not later than 14 days after the date on which he resigned from the contract. It is enough to return the item before it expires.

7. The consumer shall return the goods subject to the contract from which he has at his own expense and risk.

8. The consumer shall be liable for the reduction of the value of the thing being the subject of the contract and resulting from the use of it in a manner beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.

9. The Seller shall, without delay, within 14 days of the date of receipt of the statement of withdrawal from the consumer, return to the consumer any payment made by him, including the cost of delivery of the item, and if the consumer has chosen a delivery method other than the cheapest usual delivery by the Seller, the Seller will not reimburse the Consumer for additional costs in accordance with Article 33 of the Consumer Law.

10. The Seller shall return the payment to the bank account specified by the Buyer.

11. The Seller may refrain from returning the payment received from the Consumer until the item is returned or delivery by the consumer a proof of his return, whichever occurs first.

12. According to Article 38 of Consumer Law, consumers are not entitled to withdraw from the contract:

a. special order, made according to the specifications of the consumer or serving to meet his individual needs;

§5 Warranty

1. Seller based on art. 558 § 1 of the  Polish Civil Code completely excludes liability to Customers for physical and legal defects (warranty).

2. The Seller bears the responsibility to the Consumer on the terms set forth in Art. 556 Civil Code and subsequent to defects (warranty).

3. In the case of a consumer agreement, if a physical defect was discovered within one year of the issue of the item, it is assumed that it existed at the time of the danger to the consumer.

4. If a seller has a defect, the consumer may:

a. declare the request for price reduction;
b. make a declaration of withdrawal;

unless the Seller promptly and without undue inconvenience to the Consumer will replace the faulty item free of defects or defect will be removed. However, if the item has already been exchanged or repaired by the Seller or the Seller has not made the obligation to exchange the item free of defects or remove the defect, he shall not be entitled to exchange the item or remove the defect.

5. The consumer may, instead of the seller's proposed removal of the defect, demand replacement of the defect-free item, or instead of replacing the item, demand removal of the defect, unless it is impossible to bring the item into conformity with the contract selected by the consumer or require excessive costs compared to the proposed method. by the Seller, while the value of the defective item, the nature and significance of the defect found, is taken into account when assessing the excesses of costs, and the inconvenience to the consumer of other means of satisfaction shall be taken into account.

6. The consumer can not withdraw from the contract if the defect is negligible.

7. If the item sold has a defect, it may also:

a. demand replacement of items free of defects;
b. request removal of a defect.

8. The seller is obliged to exchange the faulty defect free or remove the defect within a reasonable time without undue inconvenience to the consumer.

9. The seller may refuse the consumer's claim if it is impossible for the buyer to comply with the contract in the manner chosen by the buyer, or it would be unreasonable for the buyer to make the contract with the other way possible.

10. The consumer, who exercises warranty rights, is obliged at the expense of the Seller to deliver the defective item to the complaint address.

11. The replacement or repair costs shall be borne by the Seller, except as described in §5 (10).

12. The seller is obliged to accept a defect from the Consumer in case of exchange of goods free from defects or withdrawal of the contract.

13. The Seller shall, within fourteen days,

a. statement of demand for price reduction;
b. statement of withdrawal;
c. requesting the exchange of items free of defects;
d. request for removal of a defect.

Otherwise, it is considered to have justified the statement or the request of the Consumer.

14. The Seller is liable under the warranty if a physical defect is discovered within two years of the issue of the Goods to the Consumer, and if the object of sale is used within one year of the issue of the Goods to the Consumer.

15. A consumer's claim for the removal of a defect or the sale of a defective item shall expire at the end of the year, counting from the date of defect determination, but not earlier than two years after the issue of the item to the consumer, and if the object is sold before the end of the year. since the issue of the item to the consumer.

16. Within the deadlines specified in §5 item 15-17, the consumer may make a declaration of withdrawal or price reduction due to a physical defect of the item being sold, and if the consumer requests replacement of the item free of defects or removal of the defect, the period of time for submitting a statement of Withdrawing from the contractor lowering the price starts with the expiry of the time limit for the replacement of the item or removal of the defect.

17. In the event of a court order or an arbitration court of one of the rights under the warranty, the period for exercising other powers vested in the Consumer by this title shall be suspended until the final termination of the proceedings. The same applies to mediation proceedings, but the time limit for enforcing other warranty rights granted to the consumer begins to run from the date the court approves the settlement concluded before the mediator or the mediation has ended unsuccessfully.

18. Paragraphs 5 (15) to 16 shall apply to the exercise of rights under the warranty of a disposed of an item, except that the period of time begins with the date on which the consumer learned of the defect and if the consumer has known about the existence of the defect. as a consequence of a third-party action, from the date on which the judgment given in the dispute with a third party has become final.

19. If due to a defect, the consumer has made a declaration of withdrawal or a price reduction, he may demand compensation for the damage he suffered by contracting without knowing of the existence of the defect, even if the damage was a consequence of circumstances beyond the control of the seller. the costs of the collection, transportation, storage and insurance of the goods, the return of the expenditure made to the extent that it did not benefit from them, and not received a refund from the third party and reimbursement of the costs of the process. This does not prejudice the obligation to pay compensation under general principles.

20. The expiry of any time to declare a defect does not exclude the performance of rights under warranty if the Seller has fraudulently concealed.

21. The seller, if he is obliged to provide or provide financial services to the consumer, will execute them without undue delay, no later than the time provided for in the law.

§6 Privacy policy and personal data security

1. The Seller's personal data store administrator is the Seller.

2. The Seller undertakes to protect personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 and the Electronic Services Act of 18 July 2002. The buyer gives his personal data when placing an order. The Seller agrees to their processing by the Seller in order to fulfil the order placed. You have the ability to view, correct, update and delete your personal information at any time.

3. Detailed rules for the collection, processing and storage of personal data used to execute orders by the store are described in the Privacy Policy:

The rcmplanet.eu store collects and uses customer information only for the purposes required for shipping merchandise. email addresses, personal - address data. This information is not available to third parties and serves to process customer orders and inform customers about new products and promotions we offer. We assure that your data will be processed by us in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act only to fulfil your orders and will not be shared with any third parties.

§7 Final provisions

1. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions is intended to infringe Buyer's rights. Neither can it be interpreted as in the case of non-compliance of any part of the Rules with the applicable law the Seller declares absolute submission and application of this right in place of the contested provision of the Rules of Procedure.

2. The current version of the Terms and Conditions is always available to the Buyer in the terms and conditions of the order. During the execution of the order and throughout the duration of the Buyer's after-sales care, the regulations approved by him during the order are valid. Except where the consumer considers him to be less favourable than the current one, he shall inform the Seller of the current selection as valid.

3. Regarding changes in regulations and their scope registered, the Buyer will be notified by e-mail (indicated at the registration or ordering e-mail). The notification will be sent at least 30 days before the entry into force of the new regulations. Amendments will be introduced to adjust the rules to the legal status in force.

4. In matters not covered by this Regulation, the applicable legal regulations shall apply. Disputed issues, if the consumer expresses such will, is solved by way of mediation proceedings before the Voivodship Inspectorates of Trade Inspection or a trial before an arbitration court at the Voivodship Inspectorate of Trade Inspection or by equivalent and pre-trial methods of resolving disputes specified by the Consumer. In the end, the case is decided by the local and substantive court.

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