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PowerVision PowerRay Wizard Underwater Drone

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Product description

Underwater world at your fingertips - both for the fanatics of the deep sea, as well as for scientists, explorers or simply anglers. A unique and modern underwater robot that allows you to study what has never been available before. PowerRay is a durable, useful and practical model. It allows you to dive at a depth of 30 meters, has a sonar to facilitate the location of fish, as well as a 4K 30fps camera, giving a wonderful, accurate image. To feel the magic of the underwater world, the manufacturer joined the set of ZEISS VR ONE Plus goggles.

Remote-controlled models like this also have the PowerSeeker FishFinder module, removable and operating as an independent device, enabling not only tracking of fish but also passing of specific information through a mobile application.

With the PowerVision PowerRay proposition, fishing becomes a real pleasure. Releasing the bait in the right place requires the only proper setting of the device. The presence of LED lights is a perfect form of attracting one place, as well as the ability to take photos and videos in the dark. The RC toys offered by this manufacturer are full professionalism, a range of possibilities and fascinating activity for much longer.



PowerRay with integrated battery
Control equipment
Base station
70 meters cable
4K camera
Sonar PowerSeeker
ZEISS VR ONE Plus goggles
64 GB SD memory card
Transport case


Dimensions 465 x 270 x12 mm
Weight 3.8kg
Temperature 0 ~ 40 ° C
Max. Working depth 30meters
Immerse accuracy ± 10cm
Max. Speed 3 ~ 4 knots (2 m / s)
Max. Working time 4h (standing water, slight use) 1.5h (standing water, swimming mode L) 0.5h (standing water, racing mode H)
Charging time ≤2.5h
Pedal configuration 3 thrusters (2 levels, 1 vertical)
LiPo 6400 mAh battery, 14.8V, 94.72 Wh
Battery cycles ≥100
WiFi coverage of sonar 90m
Sonar operation time 2h
Live image 720p 25 fps / 1080p 30 fps
Transmitter's working time 20h
Operating frequency of the transmitter 2.4 - 2.483 GHz
Max. Signal range 10m


FOV 95 ° lens, F2.8
Matrix CMOS 1 / 2.3 ", effective pixels 12M
Photo size, 12 MP: 4000 x 3000 4: 3, 8 MP: 3840 x 2160 16: 9, 5 MP: 2560 x 1920 4x3
4K video resolution: 3840 x 2160 25 fps, 1440p: 2560 x 1440 50 fps, FHD: 1920 x 1080 30/60 fps
Max. Speed 3 knots (1.5 m / s)
Max. Working time 4h (standing water, slight use), 1.5h (standing water, swimming mode L), 0.5h (standing water, racing mode H)
Czułość ISO Auto / 100/200/400/800/1600
Continuous shooting 1/3/5 frames
LiPo 6400 mAh battery, 14.8V, 94.72 Wh
Battery cycles ≥100
Camera lensJPEG, DNG (RAW), JPEG + DNG
Supported SDMicro SD cards, Up to 128GB.
Write speed ≥ 15MB / s, class 10 or UHS-1
Charger. Voltage: 17.4V, Power: 100W
Weight including 1388g battery

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