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May is usually the month with the least precipitation. "Norwegian" food is the food of the husmann (cottager) nutritious and cheap, not what you usually find in a restaurant. There are many pharmacies (apotek) in Bergen, that are selling medications and can give you advice on the treatment of injury and disease. By car edit For more details see: Driving in Norway If arriving in Bergen by car, you will be better off not taking your car into the city center unless you know exactly where you're going,. Wide selection of beer. Or road 55 Lom to Sogndal via Sognefjellet mountain pass, the highest main road in Norway. The somewhat concealed location is a good buffer against the hords of drunk morons that frequent more central bars.

This is a quick route many Norwegians prefer, but be prepared for some narrow, dark tunnels and the rather steep, but breathtaking descent just before Aurland. The companion/escort does not need a separate ticket. Accessing Fløibanen and the plateau on Fløyen with a wheelchair is a piece of cake. 60.3924535.319422 5 Den Nationale Scene, Engen. On Constitution Day (May 17 the parades and celebrations shut down the downtown streets, though buses do run to and from downtown, they will generally not run through downtown on that day. Torgallmenningen is not open to cars and defines the modern city centre. Find a good parking, and use legs or public transport inside the centre.

If you stroll through a park a bit outside the city center on a sunny day you will still see a lot of people having a beer or a glass of wine with the picnic. Frost just below 0C and some snow occurs between December and February, but temperatures colder than -10 C are very rare. Lovely place on the highest point of Nordnes peninsula, towards the aquarium. At Bergen Public Library, you may also use a computer with high-speed internet access for free. Unlike in many other parks, the prohibition of alcohol is enforced strictly here, as the fort is still a military area with occasional military guards on patrol. Wide central staircase leading up to renovated rooms, and down to an old-fashioned lounge bar area downstairs, with free tea and coffee for uble: from kr 1150. Tickets usually range from.

Enjoy the beautiful, harsh nature, go for a hike and rent a fishing rod. 6 tables, good portions and reasonable prices. Steep mountains and highlands within the city offers excellent hiking opportunities. By bus edit Schedules edit Bus schedules can be a bit difficult to understand. 60.3994335.30485 17 Bergen Aquarium ( Akvariet i Bergen Nordnesbakken 4 ( indoor parking available, but usually full in the summer season; walk for 20 minutes from the city center or use bus line. A bar with a large variety of beers, which change all the time. The bus driver will usually be able to assist you in English, if required.


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It has an exciting interior and decent food, but is a bit overpriced. 40/50 for transgender dating russian dating sites screenings starting before/after 3PM. If you are calling abroad from a land line, dial 00 before your country code and phone number. The city itself has many lakes. The way is well signposted, so you won't get lost. Still, you can get a pretty good idea of what the locals eat by having a look at the various fish they sell here, and try some of the stranger ones, if you feel adventurous. 60.39635.3299 7 Fjellsiden neighbourhood, øvregaten, Lille øvregate, øvre Blekeveien (streets). Unique, fun and stimulating toys for kids and adults. Lysøen - home of Ole Bull.2115.36871 6 Lysøen, fax.

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For other places with the same name, see. Road 9 to Haukeli Road E134Road 13 to Voss E16. The fish market is dominated by makeshift souvenir shops and seafood stalls. Waiters and other restaurant staff have good wages. 60.39975.3311 1 Fjellveien panorama road, Fjellveien ( Uphill from city centre ). Kafé Kippers, Georgernes verft 12 ( Kulturhuset USF. Rick's, Veiten 3 ( just by the theatre. One of the largest art museums in the Nordic countries, with art from the renaissance as well as contemporary art. Bergen is the last station and there is only one station in the city (in addition one station in Arna suburb). If you are going to an important meeting.